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Twisted Halo



In 2015, Jess Titcumb decided that it was time to create a low calorie drink that still tasted delicious. One year later her concept came to fruition and since then Twisted Halo has been encouraging people to ‘drink lighter’ while still enjoying great flavors. Twisted Halo is about embracing your naughty(ish) side and we’ve helped give them a platform to show off their great product.





Regardless of the necessary quick turnaround for the website, we were able to select the perfect interactive framework and accompanied the layout with animations to show how young and fresh the brand is.




The initial website was outdated and didn’t showcase the product to its highest potential. Our website gave Twisted Halo a new, stylish platform to promote their drinks, recipes and social accounts. A combination of their imagery and our creative flare led the end product to be something we were proud of.

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£4,000 – £7,000
 January 2017 (1 mth)