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Stretch Digital provides a complete range of digital marketing services to organisations of all types: from strategy to paid advertising, seed-stage startups to global enterprises, from Financial Services, Photosharing and Retail businesses. All benefit from our focus on insights derived from a discipline of testing, collecting data and analytics to deliver greater performance.





The director of Stretch Digital, Richard Ireland approached us with an complete explanation of his business offerings, but needed guidance on how best to present this online. We worked with Richard to first define his brand and business goals online for this website, then work backwards to scope the site structure and layout.


A website that showcases Stretch’s expertise and services. We placed call to actions strategically through out the site to prompt potential clients to get in touch. The imagery used through out the site was selected by Little Vitamin and we have treated them to align with the brand colours and direction.

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£1,000 – £4,000
May 2016 (8 months)