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Rose Collective



Rose Collective is a small fashion label from London, that wants to create clothes they always wanted to make. Their main goal is to make their clients feel comfortable and confident. It’s not your average clothing brand!





A atypical clothing brand requires an equally unconventional website to match! We sat down with the client to set up a base in terms of design, goals and budget. Thanks to a well-structured plan and a great chemistry between the client and ourselves we were able to work extremely efficiently. This allowed us to use some remaining budget to experiment with the design and differentiate the website even further from competitors.





A unique, beautiful and functional eCommerce site that transmits Rose Collective’s vibe to the user. You can browse through their products, make a purchase or browse through their integrated Instagram feed. Check them out through the link below!

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£4,000 – £7,000
December 2017 (2 mths)