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MWC was founded in 1974 by Wolfgang Obrigheimer. With offices all around the world, and retail outlets in 36 locations – the brand needed to update their website. MWC are now one one of the worlds leading suppliers of robust military watches. Currently they manufacture an extensive range of models which are produced under private label agreements to customers specific design requirements. We needed to find a way to display their products in a clean and organised way.






We transferred the previous store that MWC had been operating under to a Shopify store. This allowed them to better track their sales, organise their products and allow customers to search for specific products. Shopify is much more user friendly, so we felt that this was an appropriate transition for the new site.




We returned an updated, sleek and efficient website to MWC once the project was completed. The client was happy with the transition to a Shopify site and the theme that was chosen to

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£7,000 – £10,000
February 2016 (2 mths)