Meltroom: Website Design / Development - Little Vitamin

Website + Branding




Presented with a new, short-order, grilled cheese sandwich shop bringing NYC to London. Knowing London would only accept the best of the best we were approached to build a new and bold brand with a website to order.

It never melt so good






We felt we had to do something particularly bold and special for both the branding and website. Coming up with a brand that could be used on everything from stickers to hot irons it epitomises what melted cheese looks like and how it behaves. Bringing this to life on the website meant being particularly careful not to overpower the user with single colours and so we integrated professional photography to add different elements.





The tag line was created in house and has now become synonymous with the brand across the real and digital worlds. Gaining huge positive press activity on launch, the site and brand are a firm fixture and regular in central London with more shops opening soon.



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£7,000 – £10,000
May 2015 (9 mths)

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