Matthew Long: Website Design / Development - Little Vitamin

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Matthew Long



A classically trained singer who’s focus of his new website was music and personal photography. Matthew’s imminent new album launch was the turnkey reason for creating a site that would lift and amplify this launch.

Classical meets digital




We made sure this focus added and didn’t overwhelm the immersive nature of the site. Choosing to do a custom build allowed us far greater flexibility when considering the creative aspects of imagery and audio and how they could work together on a digital platform.





By creating subtle touches to allow users to listen to music and the transitions between full bleed background images means the user is retained within a world created purely by Matthew and allowed to experience it from his perspective. The website bolsters the album and gives Matthew complete autonomy to add new content as new music is created.

Jacob and the team at Vitamin took great care in creating my site. They were always on hand to explain, in jargon free terms, design decisions made along the way. The final product is above and beyond what I could have expected from the initial brief and I am delighted with the results.

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£4,000 – £7,000
February 2013 (3 mths)