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Innocent Seas was started by Bing and Moli as an answer to the frustrations over the unsafe and dishonest seafood products their friends and family are exposed to in China. They wanted a platform to showcase their unique product. Innocent Seas also want a playful brand to stand out from any potential competitors.





We approached the brand with our creative hat on, and ended up with a sketched shape of a fish to personify the brand. For the website we wanted to explore using beautiful imagery that portraits the waters around Iceland, along with a personal touch by telling the story of the Ship Crew which catches their unique product, the Sea Cucumber.



A beautiful website that shouts about the health benefits of Sea Cucumbers, and recently we have worked with Innocent Seas again on phase two of their development, by implementing an eCommerce functionality allowing their customers to buy products online.

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£4,000 – £7,000
 November 2014 (10 mths)