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CARiFiT has numerous medical professionals that work with them to ensure that the workouts are always safe, appropriate and results driven whilst being respectful of the needs of your post-natal body. CARiFiT also offers live classes which is a great way to meet like minded mums and experience an incredible 30 minute pre choreographed workout led by one of the expert instructors and of course no childcare needed!





CARiFiT has an existing WordPress site, but wanted a brand refresh and a new website to go along with it. The previous site was incredibly difficult to update content and images. The layout felt outdated compare to the young and energetic brand approach.




A beautiful new site that allows members to access tailored content with ease. While designing the new website, we have also looked at the content and page structure, in order to improve the overall navigation and browsing experience.

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£7,000 – £10,000
May 2018 (6 mths)