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Golfer, Mentor, Coach, Fundraiser … DJ! Benn Barham gave us a lot to consider when he came to us. Having spent some time off the golfing scene due to illness, he wanted to re-establish his brand and refresh his online presence, putting him in league with other golfers.

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We launched a website focussed around an individual and his talents extending beyond his core offering as a Golfer. Creating an attractive, modern and visual site which focused on Benn’s personality, allowing him to manage it with ease meant that the site could be kept up to date easily.

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With great use of imagery we have allowed Benn’s personality to shine through in this individual site. As a result, Benn, was able to re-establish his brand, promote himself on an online platform and reach a whole new fanbase.

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£1,000 – £4,000
February 2014 (7 mths)