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Martin Cambell is a financial PR man with a conscience. Having been working with big, trendy financial clients (Seedrs, Abundance, Zopa) for years he needed a new, engaging brand and accompanying website to keep up. Beacon Strategic is his strategic communications consultancy for the alternative finance market.


Strong brand execution



We looked at the branding first, stripping it back to it’s purest form. A Beacon is an emitter of signals, a broadcaster of information. The old site used a lot of lighthouse imagery which is great; lighthouses are beacons, they are great communicators – especially in dangerous situations but they did start to look a little tired and slightly obvious.

So we looked at them slightly differently. It’s not so much about the Beacon itself, it’s about the signals being sent. It’s also not about Martin or any of his colleagues but rather about the clients and their messaging, it’s about subtle signals.






Using the brand in a bold creative manner with custom work we spread it across the homepage of the site in a way that doesn’t impede the user experience. We broke the website down into simple and easy to digest information, echoing Martin’s work for his clients. The result has been a brand that people recognise and can directly associate with Martin when visiting the website.

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£7,000 – £10,000
October 2015 (3 mths)