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Dedicated to helping small and medium businesses win. Appura’s mission For you and your team to use Internet & Cloud technology to work securely anywhere, anytime, on any PC, tablet or mobile without being an IT expert. To make the purchase of Cloud Applications simpler, safer and cheaper for Small & Medium Businesses (SMB) from a single source cloud platform.





The client approached us while looking for various different solutions to start selling online. We sat down with them, reviewing their requirements before confirming to approach their store with Shopify, which is perfect for businesses to start trading online while giving them capability to manage prices and discounts themselves.




Initially setup as an sub-section of their main site, Shopify’s easy to use content management system allows admins of Appura to build content pages and slowing migrating their whole site onto Shopify.

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£1,000 – £4,000
August 2017 (2 mths)