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Avery Associates Architects


The Brief

Avery Associates Architects came to Little Vitamin with a clear vision is mind, wanting to showcase their work with a website that is clear, minimal and visually focused. With ample of beautiful architecture imagery in mind, they needed an agency that understands their work and know how to best present them.

innovative design practice





Being an multi award winning innovative design practice isn’t easy, the whole range of built-world issues is constantly being explored and developed. We have given them a clean and minimal site which puts the quality of their projects in the front and foremost.




We have created an dramatic landing page where we have selected specific images that best showcase their work, and displayed them in an infinite slideshow. We worked with Avery on the sitemap and how to best approach their website redesign and being succinct in their content.

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£7,000 – £10,000
January 2014 (8 mths)